Release yourself from Fear or Phobia through Regression

Everybody experience a scary moment from time to time, that’s part of life.

But sometimes fears of phobias may control your life too much and causes bblockades so that you won’t function properly. This can even lead to panic attacks.

To understand where the fear is coming from you have to go back to the source. Once there was a moment the fear has come upon you. This could happened in this life but it’s also quitw possible that you took this from a passt life.

Common fears includes:

  • Of rejectionfree
  • To die
  • Bond or abandonment
  • Of the dark
  • Of Heights
  • Claustrophobia
  • Speaking in public
  • Losing loved ones
  • For certain animals such as mice or spiders
  • Agoraphobia
  • Of flying
  • Hydrophobia

During regression, you will go back to the reason why the fear arose.

Fear of death often face a poor dead in your past life. Themoment of death is not properly worked through and so the load is taken to this life. Once you’ve relived this, obviously much less intense as it was then, it will be clear that you must disengage from this situation. This will be followed by a huge liberation, so the fears will diminish and eventually disappear.

Fear of rejection may well emerge in the present life. For example, as a child you were neglected by your parents or as an adolescent you were rejected when you were in love.

Such a moment could cause that you are blocking yourself partly. Then again and again you end up in situations where you feel rejected.  When you go back to the situation you can release the child or adolescent from those circumstances.  Liberation will follow and the fears will decline or disappear.

The number of sessions depends on the extend to which you experience your fear. But on average with two or three sessions you may fix a lot, so you’re able to function much better.

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