The Practice

Cura Natura is a natural health practice for regression and herbal-advice. Herein the couple Marjolein & Jac Blom is active. Both our roots are Dutch and a close couple since 1979.

In the nineties we have traveled together for two years on several continents. Especially our interests were in other cultures and nature. After returning in the end of 1999 we have settled in Belgian Limburg, just across the border from Maastricht. This suited us so well that in 2003 we have settled in Mopertingen permanently, a pleasant quiet village between Bilzen and Maastricht. In the meantime we have our practice at home, situated in a beautiful rolling countryside.

As naturopathic, Jac has graduated from Academy Sagho with specializations as homeopathy, herbal therapy and nutritional therapy, and medical knowledge as well. He also attended several shorter courses like Reiki, herbal medicine and psychology.

Marjolein has graduated from the Tasso Institute as regression therapist and medical knowledge as well. She has gained her certificate for soulregession at Zonnebloom in Roermond. At the same time Marjolein is a Reiki Master and besides Reiki treatments she also teaches Reiki.  Marjolein is a member of the NVRT and Earth, specialized in regression.


Cura NaturaThe educations, our close relationship, life experience and knowledge of human nature are a great combination for practicing the job of a therapist impassioned. Experience what regression therapy and / or natural medicine can do for you. We will welcome you in our practice.

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