Regression and family energies

In some families certain diseases and/or complaints are more common  than in others. This may be related to family-energies.  A family is just like a tree. Once two people decide to start a family it’s like a tree, the trunk is branching and at last the leaves will grow. But a tree has roots as well which are going deeper and deeper into the ground. So it is with a family, a few generations back you can trace how people lived and what passed on for generations. But if you trace further back  you will have to go to the roots, which are usually not visible. 

Family-tree 02

Through regression you can find out what particular family energies can do to you and how you can suffer from it in the present. Like when a family have lived in poverty for generations or (unconsciously) have passed the consequences of war through children and grandchildren. By going back through the family lines it’s possible to find the cause of the current complaint which can obtain a new perception. This often has a liberating effect, not only for the person who is undergoing the session, but also for close family members. Think also of young children who are still very accessible to influences of their close environment. Because of this method they also may have a huge benefit because of this method. Restriction is that one of the parents should be attenting the session.

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