The Japanese word Reiki can be translated as “Universal Life Energy”.
This universal life energy is all around us and all living things which needed the energy to live and grow. And if necessary, to recover from diseases and disorders. The treatment / healing has been around 2,500 years ago, described in ancient Sanskrit texts. In the nineteenth century it is rediscovered by the Japanese Mikao Usui which we know it today called Reiki.

Reiki uses the universal life energy. But, as for example like radio waves this energy is not visible. Someone who gives Reiki could be seen as a receiver / transmitter, or someone who can capture this energy and can pass it to others through certain techniques.

Mikao Usui
Reiki is especially suitable for:

– Increasing strength and energy

– Calming and/or stimulating organs and functions

– Improving digestive and circulatory

– Reduce pain, stiffness and stress symptoms

– Setting in motion the awareness in yourself

– Restore balance in body and mind

– Accompany serious illness and the terminal process (process of understanding, acceptance

and release)

– Cooperate, support and strengthen each other treatment or therapy

Reiki Couse:

Reiki 1:

This course is given in two days and you will receive four initiations. The history and principles of Reiki are discussed extensively. You get information about the positions of treatment and you can practice with it. You learn to treat yourself and learn the so-called chair-treatment. At the end of this course you will receive the certificate.

Reiki 2:

The course of Reiki 2 is given in one day. Here you receive an initiation and learn about the Reiki symbols and how to draw it. Then you learn about giving Reiki remotely and how to apply it. Subsequently you will receive the certificate.

Reiki 3:

This course is divided into Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. This can be followed seperated or in two subsequent days. You will receive the Master initiation. As Reiki Teacher you will learn how to initiate others. You also learn to transfer knowledge of Reiki to others. Finally you will receive the certificate.

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