Processing mournfulness through Regression

During All Saints and All Souls cemeteries are visited intensively. By placing plants or flowers on the grave by family and friends the deceased will be remembered. So each culture has its own way to remeber the dead. Also think about the impressive pyramids in Egypt.

But what happens to you when you rememeber the dead? For some it’s a nothing more than a returning tradition but for others it means a that a unresolved grief showes up again.

Losing dear ones is always painful, especially if it happens too early according to your feelings. Besides grief often anger also occurs. You feel abandoned, or you didn’t had the change to say goodbye because it happened suddenly.

During regression, it is possible to go back to the period before the passing of the deceased. In addition, the following themes items may be talked about:2889 onderweg op de Nijl

  • Has everything been said?
  • Did you say goodbye properly?
  • Why is the grief repressed?
  • Were there made any promises?
  • Did the deceased died consciously or unconsciously?
  • In how far is your energy still connected to the deceased?

Many questions may remain unanswered for the surviving relatives.  Through regression it is possible to get answers. Everyone will experience it in a different way, but there is always some kind of contact with the deceased. This may be by feeling the presence of the person, or to see teh person again or just by knowing that the deceased is present. Once the answers come, thee grief, the anger, the sense of loneliness and other emotions are processed so that the loss can be given a place.

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