Returning to the birth and prenatal period through Regression!

Before I started my research on this theme I did not expect people might describe this period so accurate.
However, the results taught me that in the subconsciousness much can remembered which is connected to this period. Through regression this can be relived to find out what happened during the birth and prenatal period.

During pregnancy the fetus is strongly linked to the emotions of the mother, but also influences from the direct neighbourhood may affect the unborn child. The question is which emotions are from the mother and which belongs to the fetus.

Often, people walk around with feelings, one way or antoher they can’t explain. At the moment you ask about it as a therapist they point out that actually they feel it their whole life yet.

If you recognize this, it’s probably time for regression to find out what caused your problem. Much often you will return to prenatal period. As soon as the emotions of mother and child are disconnected from each other you can release of this situation.
As a
piece of the subconscious mind is made conscious which gives you clearness and more energy.

Some moments needs attention during a session, such as:birth
• the conception
• when the mother realizes she is pregnant
• the reaction of the environment on the pregnancy
• the progress of the bond with the mother
• the birth
• has the baby been welcomed
• the impact of this period in the present life

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