During a soul regression you are making a connection to your own soul, also called the intermediate existence. A session can last between three and four hours and a deep trance is used to connect to your soul memories. In order to undergo a successful soul regression, it is necessary to have undergone at least one ordinary regression and a past life session. Therefor are several reasons like to ensure that you can achieve a deep trance and can keep it for a long time. It is also possible that problems of the present life can stand in your way, which first have to be worked out by regression during a session. It is also important to have had an experience of a past life through a session.

During a soul regression, it is possible to get answers to questions like:

~ Who am I?
~ What is my purpose in life?
~ Why did I chose my parents?
~ Where did I come from?
~ Where do we go after death?
~ Who belongs there to my soul group?

Prior to soul regression a homework letter is sent with some questions, such as:

~ What are your expectations?
~ Is there a mourning process?
~ Do you have gained enough life experience?
~ What questions would you like to ask during the session?
The soul regression is a nice way to get to know yourself well and to gain more insight into who you really are.


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