Stuck to your family or break through old patterns

Follow your own way, choosing your direction, easier said than done.

A basic human need is to belong somewhere.  Family is your first contact from your birth and you are going to attach to.

In each family certain values are given, usually this is done consciously.

As you grow up you can ask yourself if this suits you. If you’re against it, this might lead to guilt, fatigue, not feeling yourself or incapacity.

But also you can be saddled up with matters which are unknowingly passed on for generations like:

  • Mental illnesses such as depressionfamilie energieen 04
  • Energetic blockages on the family line
  • Addictions
  • Ingrained patterns
  • Poverty
  • Family secrets
  • Fears

During a session several issues may occur. If asked to let it go back to where it started it often happens that it goes back for generations.  For example, a clastrofobic person could have had ancestors who have worked in the mines under bad circumstances. At such moment understanding comes where the issue is related to and the fear can reduce or disappear.

Do you want to know how your family does have an influence on your life and how you break through the pattern, regression therapy offer a solution.

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