Release your inner child

A part of you may dissociate, freeze, get damaged in your childhood so it will become unreachable.  Therefor the child may intend something and then this will continue the rest of it’s life.

This may have many causes, like:burning man - inner child 02
– Arguing parents – Divorce
– Molestation –  Neglect
– Trauma
– Sexual abuse
– Growing up witg religious convections
– Not feeling accepted
– Fill in yourself ………..

Because of this situation a part of the child may be locked up which means that partly the child remains standing still and doesn’t grow any further.

Through regression it is possible to reach the part of the child what can be released by reliving the situation.

Discover yourself what regression can do for you and experience the power of releasing your inner child.

The number of sessions depends on the intensity you are suffering from your inner child.

But on average, two or three sessions may resolve a lot, so you will function much better.

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