During the treatment you will return to a situation in the past, in order to go to the cause which causes the problem in the present life. By reliving this situation on a liberating way this still can be processed and will lead to new insights. Often one comes out with so-called inner children who have experienced something that is not properly processed or locked up, so the adult is still walking around with some blockades but actually has no idea where it’s coming from. But also during and before birth influences already reaches the child, which unconsciously may influence your life.

Trance is used for this treatment, at which you fully remain aware of yourself and your surroundings. Trance is necessary in order to go to the unconscious (sleeping) part, and therefore it is possible to go to the experiences that are “tucked” or suppressed. By asking specific questions about the problem and thereby evoke the emotional and physical aspects of this creates a trance. It’s like listening to music, when you are absorbed into it, you also create a kind of trance, but you still remain aware of your surroundings.

The course of a session. In a brief conversation will be asked about the complaint. You will be asked a several questions which will guide you into the session. The session itself will last about one and a half to two hours. A short aftertalk takes place and you will get the chance to affect the session in a peaceful way.

This treatment is suitabble for example:

Bereavement, loss, not able to say goodbye to a loved one

Aftereffects of an accident

Constant or sudden rise of sadness and / or anger

Fears, eg. fear of failure, fear of death, panic attacks

Difficult to explain or changing moods

Unexplained physical symptoms

Aftereffect of sexual abuse

A feeling of not belonging

Struggling to stand up for yourself

Imprints, such as “you can not”, “you are worthless”

Difficult relationship with partner, child, family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Difficulties in making choices


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