Past – Present – Future

Once you understand the past, in the present you can make choices more consciously for the future.

Blockages can stand right decisions in the way.
But where do these blockages come from?
Somewhere in the past is the cause, but how do get there?

By using regression techniques, it is possible to go back to the root cause of the problem. Once you understand what has happened in the past and what the impact has been, you are able to let go of this. This is also called liberating reliving.
Frequently, the reaction after the session is that they did not expect that it was dealing with a particular situation. The reason may seem so unimportant, but as soos as the situation is clear the insight will come. Also called an awakening.

Examples of problems that can cause blockages:past present future

– Relationship problems – heartbreak – not releasing from a former partner
– Behavioural problem and /or disorders
– Trauma in response to violence, abuse and war
– Depressions such as postnatal, chronic or seasonal
– Fear of criticism or to be hurt
– Unexplained headache
– Tiredness – Burn-out
– Sexual problems
– Imprints
– Obsessive behavior

Usually the result of a session is liberation.
But also self-acceptance, increase of self-confidence, better expression of emotions, more enjoying the contemporary things comes to the positive effects.

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